Bella is a child with severe autism, and behavior issues. When we started ZamDance her weight was 205 lb, at this moment her weight is 170 lb. My daughter’s pleasure was only eating, now she loves dancing which is a blessing for us. She gained for LIFE, a way of enjoying herself. Jackie, you have a contagious love for our children, and you place your own soul in dance! When Bella started ZamDance she used to rip 2-3 t-shirts each session, have tantrums, and, hit, and yell. I was so worried that she would not be accepted. She was redirected with much love and tact. Now, she loves coming and each Saturday morning she asks for ZamDance. Bella was not coordinated and could not follow many of the moves. Now she even teaches one dance! This place is a blessing!

Eilena Mihai


We met you totally by divine intervention. I have a son that loves to dance in front of a mirror and always has. What I got to see him do at Zamdance that blew my mind away is sing some of the songs. He started first saying “radio up dance class” to then singing one word here. Before we knew it he could sing a few phrases. Thank you Jackie for igniting something in my son I am not sure would have happened without you. We adore Zamdance!

The Zelaya's


Zamdance, I tell you, is the best kept secret for our children with autism and other special needs. Jackie Zamora is the epitome of energy, charm, charisma, stamina, and support for every student. Everyone is welcome; everyone is a star; and everyone can catch her exuberance. Her helpers are just amazing too. I see the guest gaining in so many ways: music is an international language and they are learning to speak it, gain confidence, gain more socialization, exercise, synchronize, let their hair down, and be a welcome member of an activity with no judgment. Jackie had a dream and she has more dreams that will be fulfilled. She is reaching out to the world to show that Zamdance is a winner and our children are the benefactors. We are proud to be part of the journey! Patricia Buchanan